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The Oscar selections

From today i would be checking on some of the works of 2011 which could possibly make an entry into the Oscars being held on Feb 2012. As usual the Golden globes nomination list has already been announced and we have a slight view on the favourites this year, and almost every time the films from this list usually makes it to the Oscars. Will be waiting for the results of the winners of the Golden Globe Awards 2012, who will be awarded on the 15th of January next year.

There will be ten nominations for the best film category, and the movies which would try to be on the top are these :
The Descendants                    
The Help                                
The Ides of March                  …

Don 2 Movie Review

I had to go for an early morning show at the CINEMAX. I reached on time, but there was a long queue. I fought with many, saying that i had booked online and i just needed to collect the ticket. But i couldnt go through them. Finally 20 minutes after the start of the movie i entered and got into my seat, cursing and irritated. So here the story begins, and DON 2 had to really stand upto my irritation levels, which i am not sure, but could have influenced a teeny tiny part in my review.

By the time i started seeing, the whole trailer visuals were all over, and i missed the "Aap mere maa ko nahi jaante" part. Now Don is out, and the chase had begun. Now from there till the interval there was not much on the screen that really blew your mind or got you interested, except when "another" Star comes for his cameo. I didnt know this guy was there in the movie, and so it was a sweet surprise(Thanks to my friends who saw the movie before and didnt spill the beans). But the …

Flash Mob Mania or Status Statement???

Flash Mobs have suddenly become a rage out of nowhere in our cities. It was very recently that i had come to know about a flashmob, or what exactly it was.Maybe i must have heard about it before, but i really didn't care much to know about it. I thought some hooligans might have raided and robbed some place out of no where, and people named it a 'Flash'mob.

But recently, i was watching the television and saw a girl dancing madly on a public platform, and the footer on the screen flashed "HOT NEWS : FlashMob in Mumbai", and that left me totally confused. So i go to the one place that rescues me in such situations and saw this.

Quoting from the Wikipedia :

"A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and/or artistic expression."

Okay. So that is a Flash mob, and it sound…

The Dark Knight Rises

The final chapter in the dark batman series by Christopher Nolan is all set to release by July 2012. The fans all across the world are eagerly waiting the release of this movie. The previous two movies in this trilogy have become big hits making this one of the most profitable franchise for the warner Bros, after the Harry Potter series.

Fans all over the world are alert to any news about their favourite movie. Recently they release the Bane prologue. Bane is the main villain in this Batman movie. He is supposed to be the most dangerous of all Batman's enemies.

After the movie prologue, they also released the much awaited trailer of the movie too. It blew the minds off. It was received so well by the fans that the trailer is making good rounds in all networking sites and on youtube.

So now here it is for you to enjoy!


wheel of time fantasy series

The wheel of time is an epic fantasy wriiten by Robert Jordan, an American literate whose actual name was James Oliver Rigney, Jr. It was supposed to be a three book series like the 'Lord of the Rings', but the author found he had more to tell than what he intended. therefore the number of books increased from three to six, then nine, and finally he had written thirteen books in the series when he died in 2007. From his vast amount of notes and details about his plan and storyline his friend and fan of the 'Wheels of time' series, Mr Brandon Sanderson decided to complete the series for him. What he thought could fit him in just another book, actually took him three more books. The final book is slated to be released in 2012, thereby making it a 16 book-series.

The first book in the series was completed in 1984. It was named the Eye of the World. But it was published late in 1990 only. The following are the books in the series.

1. The Eye of the World 2. Th…

SabariMala – another tragedy at the abode of the lord