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Oscar Nominees 2013

Just about a year earlier i had brought you the nominees of the previous year. The surprises and the unexpected snubs from the academy. This year again i will try to watch all the nominated movies and give you my opinion about the possible winners and the deserving ones as I would consider.
From the list i have watched only "Life of Pi" and "Argo" both of which are class in its genres and deserving to be in the nominees list. Life of Pi is a perfect cinematic experience with its lavish sea-sets and high tech EFX that narrates a complex story of a boy stranded on a boat with a tiger. "Argo" is a rescue mission undertaken by the US to rescue its ambassadors trapped  in the middle east. This creates a very dark and serious situation, but the script is pacy and funny at the same time. It will give a hard time to all the other contenders, especially Lincoln. The full list is given below. Will watch each of the other movies and come with my views on each, and …