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These are govt offices...dont expect people to work here!

Really? is it some kind of a sin to expect services in a govt office??? I mean services on time.

What is it that makes all the employees equally lethargic, and unhumane...who doesnt care for anything but their asses comfort.

Ofcourse there is the see and learn philosophy. Any guy who enters into this world will see guys immersed in corruption, lethargy, and self business. He is happily settled into thinking that he has got everything easy, and work is a far away priority in here. you sit there and enjoy the salary, and all the other benefits too. In comparison to a geek breaking his head day night for multinationals, and still earning meagre amount as he is just a junior in the long heirarchy, these guys have a lifetime guarantee about everything..except ofcourse life.

ya....the reason why i am going yapping abt all this is bcoz of my experience with the BSNL.

One month back we made a call to one of the bsnl agents to get a new broa…