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Dasavatharam Review

Well for today this is my issue...heheheh
Because i ve been just out watching this so called magnum opus that i feel nothing else is more important than to discuss about it. After all its the legend Kamal Hassans story!

Well seriously i had a lot of expectations from the movie, and thought that there would be something about the story itself that raised my expectations more. To tell the truth, actually the story is a good one i felt. But the treatment and the way it is implemented is not up to the mark. Actually what is intended by the movie is not understood until the very end. We see a lot of characters coming in and going out and leaves us confused why are all these people here [10 of them are Kamal himself, so we tend to think its just to fill up his Dasavatar]. The characterisations i feel was a bit confusing.

But the story is straight forward and simple at the end and comes to the conclusion that God knows his way and does his best to protect the world from any big disasters. The d…

Who u remember

Memory is kind of a freaky thing! The activeness of it always a serious concern issue. The moments it go off and when it returns....and so on. The gift of being able to remember things is also a big curse when you get to remember even those moments where you forget to remember some one. You forgot to wish your sister on her bday, you forget to call somebody who is waiting for your call, you forget to invite one friend out of your gang on a hang out....but you soon come remember when someone else reminds you of it.

Now this is very much a common issue, and what could be human. But now from this point what we do is sometimes very much surprising. Some lie about not being able to make a call, some tell they assigned someone else, and some daredevils even throw out an impression that you arent welcome, so why bother about you[ in case its not that dear a person to you]. They dont really care how the person feels at the other end. Even if they do they cover it up by acting not too care, bec…

Wrong is the way!!

I Know the first day i wanted to bunk a class, it was like the biggest crime i would ever do in life. I was thinking "Oh god! Why the hell am i even thinking about it???". But the boredom and a far cry of freedom was calling me. The temptation was too much. After all why should i worry? I am not the only one. More than half the class is gonna bunk. So I am not wrong!!

Well, i did bunk, but i still had a guilt that day and worried if our teacher noticed me in the absentees list. The tension lasted till the next day when she fired all who bunked. But thats all..she never bothered about it again. Huh...thats easy!heheheh!!!

So again i bunked on another day.....then again....and wat i thought was wrong once completely changed into an unavoidable college freaky habit, which was considered fun!!!

This is not the only incident....i thought drinking and smoking were sins too. But here almost all guys do these. They insist it is a way of life. A lifestyle which is cool. Hmm…

Being Understanding!!!

To think that you know someone and have it broken the moment you think that is ..i dont know wat....should be called as..... mean. Mean means mean on you. One terribly unlucky chap that you turn out to be. You remain in the illusion of being a super machine that is the most alert and aware person around, when this kind of a trauma hits you. Your revisions and outlook now remains wanting at many places. You turn blank and curse the world for cheating you out in this manner, and believe and oath never to trust anyone again.

But you are what you are. New promises shall be made, old problems shall be solved, and there you are at it again.You think what it is to be wrong. Just human. So again we go through the same old routine as before, thinking that there is nothing to be learnt much out of it. After all it was just a misconception that you made. You really know the person. You were very much right in the first place.

Happy ending???? Hahah.....not yet!!!

This is a cycle. Now as you have …

Old faces? New Faces?

You know..Today i was in the coffee house meeting with three of my old school friends after a long time. We chatted, had shakes and coffee(for one of the guys..maybe preserving his voice from cold), went for a ride and had fun. Now as i said its ages since we met. But now as we have grown up by a couple of 'couple of years' i would have thought the world might have changed all around and in front of me would be complete strangers. Thats how it should be. The world is supposed to change you minute by minute. But what was funny is that, i could go up and say "actually, not really!".
Ofcourse, we have gained heights[not me], grown enormously, have new marks on faces, new looks thorughout. But basically i felt all were the same as it used to be.

But at the same time there have been instances when i just sit back listening to people and not getting anything to say in between, or have to act like "oh...i know we have been away for so long for you to be comfortable with…

For u.......alone

The twittering of the birds.....
show me the way you came..

The shine the gold....
Speaks to me your name....

Without you its not all the same......

Is this love?..Oh...Wat is this game?

Its like the wind used to give me your messages

The river flows to bring your news now for ages

I have been so much like in the cages..

just pouring my heart out and filling these pages...

How would i even know when you come

How would i even recognise where you are from

How i wish you could give my moment of awesome...

when you shall be with me in your full blossom....

with luv

A World of mine

My world is my feelings.....
My feelings are my expression.

My expressions are the communication of my heart.
My heart and people in it are my world.

The world i am in relates to my feelings about someone....feelings about some event...the decision based on which i could search for the degree of truth i would require to know. The actions later are based on these feelings more than the real truth.

They form an expression of love,hatred,honesty, or a farce. They help myself to tell the world something i need them to know.....they reflect my feelings.......and the would comes to know of it through my expressions.....The world could choose to hear them or avoid it.

This representation of my heart gives an idea of my world...wahat happens in it.....who all are there in it.....and how i feel for them..........

well these are almost very less intelligent writtings.....but anyway they are true!

Words On LOVE

Here are a few heart touching sweet words of love

It doesn’t matter who you love, or how you love, but that you love – By Rod McKuen

And when love speaks, the voice of all gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony. – By William Shakespeare

Where love reigns the impossible may be attained. –By Anonymous

Fortune and love befriend the bold. – By Ovid

Love is blind; friendship tries not to notice. –By Otto Von Bismark

Love is tickle around the heart that you can’t scratch. – By Anonymous

Love isn’t here or there, it isn’t happy, sad, good or bad. Love is just love – By Anonymous

To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance – By Oscar Wilde

Love waits for one thing, the right moment – By Anna

Love is the compass of life – By Peckroy

I love these
People love others for who they are but for how they make them feel. – By Irwin Federman

Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it. – By Robert Mitchum

Wheres my Angel??

Come my angel......
resurrect me from the ashes
come to save me
from the verge of ruination

My angel...
Bring me the dreams i asked for.
Stop this insanity and hallucination

Let me now live life my way
Let me again love myself from this day

Come now...where r u my angel????

By Ramesh S V

This is the expression of a hope amongst the dark times......
Of future against the past......
Of the slightest hope that love and care are not far away....
..and any time someone shall reach for you....and tell you what life is!!!!!!

How to Express Your Feelings to the One You Love

Love is not about giving or receiving gifts but about sharing each other’s feelings and letting each other know how much you really care. You need to be romantic, creative, and unique. The best way to show someone you really care is by words and how your actions make them feel special. You need to say something coming from the heart and show them from your soul. Love them for who they are and not for who you are. StepsThink about all the great moments that you have shared with that person for inspiration. If you think you won't remember, write it down or even better, make it into a poem.Try to think of words that can describe what your feelings towards him/her are. The happiness you feel when you are around him/her and the necessity you have to being with him/her.Find a place where you'll be comfortable and alone.Finally, just say it. Don't try to think of the perfect time to say it because sometimes it will never come out, if you become too nervous. If you didn…
The Expressions Of Lifeby Dee There are a million facial expressions
each with it's own meaning:

The teary-eyed of ashamed confessions
which can cut the deepest

The sadistic grin can give you the shivers
it can expose what's really within.

The frown of a beautiful face,
it can bring tears to my eyes.

But there is one I cannot place -
Love, there is no expression,
just a feeling of being complete.

It's the only true cure for depression
but the best expression is a passionate kiss
It can take away all your pain
and leave you in heavenly bliss

How true the poem about it...the expression that all for once in their lives would surely crave for -the expression of love......and care towards them.

To know for a moment there is someone who likes you....who would care for matter what be there for you....and hold u you up while you fall......

That one expression reigns this moment!