The Expressions Of Life

There are a million facial expressions
each with it's own meaning:

The teary-eyed of ashamed confessions
which can cut the deepest

The sadistic grin can give you the shivers
it can expose what's really within.

The frown of a beautiful face,
it can bring tears to my eyes.

But there is one I cannot place -
Love, there is no expression,
just a feeling of being complete.

It's the only true cure for depression
but the best expression is a passionate kiss
It can take away all your pain
and leave you in heavenly bliss

How true the poem about it...the expression that all for once in their lives would surely crave for -the expression of love......and care towards them.

To know for a moment there is someone who likes you....who would care for matter what be there for you....and hold u you up while you fall......

That one expression reigns this moment!


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