A World of mine

My world is my feelings.....
My feelings are my expression.

My expressions are the communication of my heart.
My heart and people in it are my world.

The world i am in relates to my feelings......my feelings about someone....feelings about some event...the decision based on which i could search for the degree of truth i would require to know. The actions later are based on these feelings more than the real truth.

They form an expression....an expression of love,hatred,honesty, or a farce. They help myself to tell the world something i need them to know.....they reflect my heart...my feelings.......and the would comes to know of it through my expressions.....The world could choose to hear them or avoid it.

This representation of my heart gives an idea of my world...wahat happens in it.....who all are there in it.....and how i feel for them..........

well these are almost very less intelligent writtings.....but anyway they are true!


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