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The DC-Marvel onscreen war

DC comics and Marvel comics have been the two most biggest names in the comics universe for almost a century. Time and again these character and the stories have been adapted on to the big and small screens for a moving pictures visual treat for its fans. While comics had its own following, the arrival on to the screens brought in many more awe-struck people to their universes. Here, I, from the point of one of the moviegoers, unaware of the decades of comics, its stories and discussions that must have happened several times upon thousands of forums, would like to see what both DC and Marvel are upto.

The time I became aware about the different Comic book companies who were actually a universe in itself was when i saw the huge 'Marvel' logo in the beginning of the first 'Spiderman' movie in 2002. By then, i was familiar with the common superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and a few others with animal names in front of 'man'. We also had an Indian super…

10 years to the magnum Opus 'Devdas'

Browsing through my hard drive recently, i came upon a copy of the 2002 magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas, and something urged me to open it. I played the file and moved the cursor on the time bar and it landed on a scene where Kiron Kherr was dancing in her red Bengali saree, and i was surprised that i had not heard that song for a long time now. Kiron Kher was dancing at the 'Godhbharayi' function at Thakurs house, thinking her Paro and Devdas will be engaged to each other that day. She was naive and loud, but thats what the character of hers was directed to do, by Mr.Bhansali. He was sure he wanted it dramatic. In fact, Devdas, was at its time, and even now, one of the most melodramatic movies ever made, and its not a bad thing here. If any story should be so over the top melodramatic, it is this one. Or is it that Mr.Bhansali quite convinced us with that.The huge Havelis, the grand interiors, the colourful screens and the lavish costumes tells us that Mr. …