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A little 'Batman vs Superman' preview

With just about a week for release, expectations from 'Batman Vs Superman - The Dawn of Justice' is pretty high. The advance booking has been a rage and it has already been slated to surpass the massive hits of previous years which were released in the Summer. Therefore, before the release, I would like to lay down my expectations from this movie.

Let me tell you that I am as much as excited about this outing, as I am skeptic. My excitement is an obvious emotion as there is going to be lots of 'bang' and 'boom' in this movie. That means great visual effects. Also the fact that this is a reinvention for two of the most adored superheroes in the world. People would naturally be wondering about who is the strongest among these powerful and dark heroes. Also, somehow I am convinced through the trailers that the clash between these iconic figures is not of some random picking, but the story-tellers might have a good reason to put them against one another. The very …

The 'Versus' phenomena

Movies based on comic books have come a long way since Adam West's 'Batman', and in the current century ever since 'Spiderman' swung his way into the box office, there has been a huge blockbuster war between the two big comic giants: Marvel and DC.

It was one thing when Marvel upped its game and left its mark by bringing in an Assemble of superheroes in 'Avengers', which until this year DC hasn't been able to bring to the market, but now Marvel has increased the stakes by putting them against each other. Now, this is where DC might have fallen behind, if they hadn't thought ahead. The very first assemble from DCs side actually sees the superheroes against each other. Well, DC had to keep up with Marvel, and actually their movie releases a good one month before Marvel's too.
2016 is the year where major comic sequels are interested in the 'Versus'-war. DC on March 25th will pit 'Batman vs Superman'. The 'BvS-Dawn of Justice&#…