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The Oscars 2017

And...we are about to witness yet another round of Oscar statues to be given out to outstanding performances and skills in movie making, and like any other year I jot down my opinions and expectations from this event and the movies that make them. Unfortunately, I have until now, viewed just one among those top contenders in best film category, and it might be an easy guess for those who know me. I love Amy Adams, and I like watching the spectacles on big screen. 'Arrival' was a different kind of spectacle though.

I will put in my best to get through most of the deserving titles this year, and I did get a chance to see 'The Edge of Seventeen'. Though not nominated, it had rave reviews.

My next few viewing picks from the contenders list will most likely be the magical 'La La land', an Indian story 'Lion', Viola Davis' 'Fences' and the family drama 'Manchester by the Sea'. 'La La Land' has already climbed to the top of most li…