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HIMYM 200th episode turns tables on the mother!

We have 'How I Met Your Mother' celebrating its 200th episode today, and we were looking forward to some exciting flashbacks and a ride along the memory lane. But we were given a beautiful and a long-awaited episode with this one, where the story of the mother is told. The 200th episode concentrates solely on the backstory of the mother since the start of HIMYM in 2005, wherein our main characters appear and go off. The episode titles itself were changed to 'How Your Mother Met Me'.

The episode starts with the 'mother' and her friends meeting up together at 'McLaren's Pub'. But not the one with Ted and his friends, when a call comes spilling tragedy for the mother. Then one by one the episode goes through the times when Ted and the mother came almost face-to-face, but missed each other. Christin Milioti gets full space to showcase comedy as well as some emotions that we have wanted to see. We always wanted to know more about the mother, which was e…

Oscars 2014 Nominations

The nominations for Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, for 2014 is out. We have pretty much the same nominees who were recognized for Golden globes or the BAFTA, but we do have a few snubs and surprises too.

Get the full list of nominees here:

Well the following films will compete for the statue this year for best film

American Hustle
Captain Philips
12 Years a slave
Dallas Buyers Club
The Wolf of Wall Street

While most of the entries were expected, I am sad at the omission of Saving Mr. Banks, and surprised of Inside Llewyn Davis not making it. I am sad that 'Rush' did not get any nods too.

Well, hope you read the nominee list from the link i have provided above. So let me talk about what surprised me.

The first and foremost for me was the omission i mentioned above, and especially Emma Thompson not getting a nod in the best actress category. She was so very fantastic in 'Saving Mr. banks', that i …

Game Of Thrones returns with season 4 trailer

So the date is April 6th. The day when Game of Thrones will return to your TV sets; and we have a lot to cover from the rest of book 3: Storm of swords (Blood and Gold), in this season; maybe, a little bit from book 4 and 5 too. To the non-readers I would just say 'death, death...and more death' and request you to not continue any further, or you could just to take a chance and see whats in store for you this season. Anyways watch the trailer here.

***Might have SPOILERS****

Like last year, this trailer too starts with a epic moment where a huge dragon shadow spreads over an empire. It looks like King's Landing to me, but makes no sense as per the books. For a moment i thought could it be Mereen? Afterall, its a seashore kingdom too. But i trust it would be more dusty and desert like than what's depicted in the trailer, leading to confirm on King's Landing. Have to wait for the series to know more on it.

All the character, who didn't die last season are shown …

'Sherlock' is back with some answers

The third season of 'Sherlock', which is one of the most anticipated TV episodes of the year, was aired in UK on the 1st of Jan. This episode was to be the answer tot he long awaited question of how Sherlock survives his 'Reichenbach' fall from the last season almost 2 years ago. Theories have been floating around about his death in UK, and Sherlock has been cleared from all doubts surrounding his being a fraud. And Watson has moved on in his life, to Sherlock's surprise. But then, he has to come back. There is going to be a huge terrorist attack in London.

***SPOILERS from down here****

The first episode, 'The Empty Hearse' was a get together of all the characters and introduction of new ones, to let the viewers know where each of them stand after 2 years without Sherlock. Nothing much has changed, except that Watson has a girlfriend, Mary, and he has a really bad moustache. Watson is shocked to see Sherlock again and demands an explanation as to why he …