HIMYM 200th episode turns tables on the mother!

We have 'How I Met Your Mother' celebrating its 200th episode today, and we were looking forward to some exciting flashbacks and a ride along the memory lane. But we were given a beautiful and a long-awaited episode with this one, where the story of the mother is told. The 200th episode concentrates solely on the backstory of the mother since the start of HIMYM in 2005, wherein our main characters appear and go off. The episode titles itself were changed to 'How Your Mother Met Me'.

The episode starts with the 'mother' and her friends meeting up together at 'McLaren's Pub'. But not the one with Ted and his friends, when a call comes spilling tragedy for the mother. Then one by one the episode goes through the times when Ted and the mother came almost face-to-face, but missed each other. Christin Milioti gets full space to showcase comedy as well as some emotions that we have wanted to see. We always wanted to know more about the mother, which was expected much early this season. Now with only 8 more episodes to go, the creators must have felt it is already too late, and their previous episodes have earned them the worst 'season' name for them, too.

In the end, though Ted doesn't 'meet' meet the 'mother', but we see them very close enough that we can anticipate some interaction soon. Now that, she has got her band back, and she will be performing on Barney-Robin's wedding, she will be around for Ted. Well atleast the receptionist who gives her room thinks they would be a good match.

The slow and boring start of this season is getting some fire now- so late in the 16th episode. We would have wanted more of the mother in this season, and the creators have got it just now. Looking forward to some better episodes in the next crucial weeks.

I also thought this episode was a pilot to the new spin off they are planning on the life of the mother. They have already named it as ' How I met your Dad'. Though i like Christin Milioti as the mother, I do wish the spin-off is completely about some other girl meeting her love. I wouldn't be so sure if she would be able to carry the series by herself. She is not exactly as funny as we would want her to be. She seems more of a character artist, which is evident in the scene where she beautifully handles emotions when she looks up at the sky and asks permission to her late boyfriend if she can move on with her life.

So i hope and am positively sure that this is an one single episode about 'How I met your father' instead of being the start of a whole new series.


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