'Sherlock' is back with some answers

The third season of 'Sherlock', which is one of the most anticipated TV episodes of the year, was aired in UK on the 1st of Jan. This episode was to be the answer tot he long awaited question of how Sherlock survives his 'Reichenbach' fall from the last season almost 2 years ago. Theories have been floating around about his death in UK, and Sherlock has been cleared from all doubts surrounding his being a fraud. And Watson has moved on in his life, to Sherlock's surprise. But then, he has to come back. There is going to be a huge terrorist attack in London.

***SPOILERS from down here****

The first episode, 'The Empty Hearse' was a get together of all the characters and introduction of new ones, to let the viewers know where each of them stand after 2 years without Sherlock. Nothing much has changed, except that Watson has a girlfriend, Mary, and he has a really bad moustache. Watson is shocked to see Sherlock again and demands an explanation as to why he was not made a part of the conspiracy. While, a mysterious man makes plans to bomb London from his creepy mansion, the face and intentions of whom are yet to be revealed. Will Sherlock and Watson save the day?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman reunites as the most famous duo on TV right now. The huge character shift Martin Freeman has had from being the lovable Bilbo Baggins in 'The Hobbit' to the sensitive and crossed John Watson is commendable. There was not a single moment he reminded us of Bilbo anywhere. Cumberbatch is a delight to watch and we all are so thrilled by the return of this show. The episode brings a beautiful little cameo from Benedict cumberbatch's actual parents as the parents of Sherlock, while Mary Morstan is played by Martin's real life partner, Amanda Abbington.

The theories
about the 'fall' has been outrageous and several versions have come up, especially from forensics officer, Anderson, who gets into an obsession with the survival of Sherlock. Sherlock too renders a version to him about the escape, but the viewers are kind of told that the exact happenings will not be disclosed soon; not even to Watson. So maybe we will have to wait till the end of the season to know more or to be sure.

 Next episode to be aired on this Sunday, will be set on Watson's wedding day, and ofcourse with more mysteries to be solved. Well, thank god that Sherlock's back, and for Watson shaving off his moustache ;)

watch the trailer of the next episode here :


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