Aningaaq : Jonas Cuaron's 'Gravity' spin off explores the other side to Bullock's distress call

Remember this scene from 'Gravity' where Sandra Bullock's character Ryan Stone, loses all hope of surviving and shuts down her drone. Just before that she finds peace in her conversation through her transmitter with a guy called Aningaaq. You hear his voice, and his speech, a dogs bark and a crying child. Have you wondered who they were? Well, you don't have to any more.

Jonas Cuaron, son of the director Alfonso Cuaron himself, who co-wrote 'gravity' alongside his father, wrote a shortie based on this conversation. Financed by Warner Videos, who wanted the short to come out with their Blu-ray editions, found the short's potential to be much more than they intended. Now doing rounds in various festivals for short films, they might be just in luck if they could get a nomination for their short film 'Aningaaq' at the prestigious Oscars this year, in the live action short film category. If so, it could be very much possible that Warner's could be the first to have a feature film and a spinoff short film competing in different categories at the Oscars in the same year.

Watch the short film here :

Sandra Bullock herself gave voice for the distress call Aningaaq gets. She saw the movie and said, 'It was a absolutely beautiful piece of loneliness'

It features Orto Ignatiussen as Aningaaq, who receives Ryan Stone's distress call. He is an eskimo living in the harsh wilderness of Greenland. He and his family lives alone with a colony of dogs. Strange to get a call, Aningaaq is quite amused and excited, but he cannot understand a word he hears at the other end. But, he leaves no chance to explaining his worries and life problems to this stranger, until the call gets disconnected.

Jonas has beautifully portrayed a lone family and its anxieties, and conveyed beautifully the irony of the situation. If it gets selected to the Oscars, he and his father might get to walk on the red carpet together as nominees.


┼áRS said…
It indeed is a beautiful piece of loneliness.Enjoyed one side of it in the movie and now the other side of it is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)
Anu Nair said…
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Anu Nair said…
They would probably walk as nominees for Best Original Screenplay. The highlight can be, if both of the films get nominated in their respective best films categories and wins it! Then that would certainly be historical.
Rupertt Wind said…
The movie is breath taking, just the way the earth looks makes me long to go to outer space.

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Ramesh S V said…
@Anu....unfortunately Aningaaq didnt make it to the shorts i think they would have to walk on the carpet as nominees for original screenplay
Ramesh S V said…
Read it here.

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