What people in India wanted 50 years ago

This beautiful documentary made in 1967 by the Films Division of India and directed by Mr. S.N.S. Shastry, is a beautiful reflection of the mentality of people of various genders and societies, 20 years after the independence of our country, India. People talk about their expectations and ambitions, and about their miseries and opinions about the country. Most of the interviewees are born on the day we got independence, 15th August 1947, and are 20 years old at the time of making this video.

The interviewees have various opinions about the administration and the development of the country at that time. There are those who are joyful about the freedom they have in pursuing education and aiming for a good career, while some pester about the improvements that has to come about. Their dreams, hopes, frustrations and confusions surface in the documentary. One guy, who is my favourite, wants to travel, make money and produce a film based on him.

This wonderful documentary is a must watch. This time capsule sure makes you think more about what we have achieved 50 years later.


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