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Hobbit review

The much awaited LOTR prequel 'The HOBBIT'. The movie was already in news for the several formats it will be screened in. The most important being the 48 Fps screening called HFR. It was criticized for being TV HD in look. Many prefer the ordinary 3D. So i saw in ordinary 3D. Hobbit also was criticized for its length of 2.45 hrs. 

But now my take as a fanboy of the popular LOTR series and the magnus opus creator Peter Jackson. Yes, the HFR might not work for everyone, especially 'film' lovers. The film look is most important for most audiences which HFR doesnt provide. As for length, if you know Peter Jackson then you wouldn't be complaining. It should be brought to notice that Hobbit is infact a 300 pages children's novel. To take a light content of that sorts, and to transform it into a mind boggling action movie is something only a person of Peter Jackson's caliber can do. And so he makes a trilogy out of the 300 pages book, and it is no sur…

Life of PI is awesome!

There have been a few films, and a few people whose films have been life altering. I mean, my life. These films influenced me, or made me take courageous steps towards a career in films. If Mani Ratnam was the person whose style i had always dreamed to adopt, Peter Jackson is the man whose visual spectacle made me dream of days when i would create a magnum opus of that scale. After watching '3 idiots', i felt i need to start working on my dream, and then i joined film school, studied for 2 years and reached nowhere. I made short films even i would not look back to. After learning the hardships of production, somewhere the confidence to build on my fantasy world got lost somewhere. Thats when i am seeing this spectacle.

Life of Pi is sheer awesomeness. It is created by Ang lee who i have to declare as the one who has best understood the medium of 3D. He has waited 6 years to bring out the product. His story is about the absolute beauty of storytelling. The real and fake all me…