Hobbit review

The much awaited LOTR prequel 'The HOBBIT'. The movie was already in news for the several formats it will be screened in. The most important being the 48 Fps screening called HFR. It was criticized for being TV HD in look. Many prefer the ordinary 3D. So i saw in ordinary 3D. Hobbit also was criticized for its length of 2.45 hrs. 

But now my take as a fanboy of the popular LOTR series and the magnus opus creator Peter Jackson. Yes, the HFR might not work for everyone, especially 'film' lovers. The film look is most important for most audiences which HFR doesnt provide. As for length, if you know Peter Jackson then you wouldn't be complaining. It should be brought to notice that Hobbit is infact a 300 pages children's novel. To take a light content of that sorts, and to transform it into a mind boggling action movie is something only a person of Peter Jackson's caliber can do. And so he makes a trilogy out of the 300 pages book, and it is no surprise. It is action packed, well animated and lightly scripted movie. The whole tone of the movie is more of light comedy, unlike LOTR which was darker. The actors have done a good job, and Martin is just awesome and his comic timing is perfect. Andy serkis as Gollum is brilliant to watch. Ian mcKellen and richard armitage does their jobs well. Peter Jackson has done everything he could to revive the middle ages, but the lighter tone might bore the non-fans. The only issue i found in the movie was that the story didnt really go much forward. In 3 hours, there was just an introduction to our main characters and he lets you into the lands created by Tolkien, leaving me to expect much more in the next 2 movies in the series.


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