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July to be a 'suicide' month for good Summer blockbusters in 2017

Half way through the summer everybody was scared that the summer box office is looking weak compared to the years before it. Except for 'Wonder Woman' and 'Guardians vol2', none of the films really took off; some even diving into the abyss. People were not coming out into the theatres as much as anybody related to the film business would have liked. Everybody blamed it on the films and the badness of it. Most films made the bottom half of Rotten Tomatometer, indicating to the public that the movies were not worth the time and money of moviegoers.

The film industry began pointing fingers at the reviewers who got a peek before the actual screenings and bashed the movies unapologetically, resulting in low theater turnouts. Reviewers defended themselves saying good movies will be well received. The point was proved by 'Wonder Woman' and 'Guardians', though I wouldn't count them as classics; but as good entertainment.

Then comes July.

'Despicable Me…