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Why 'Kochadaiiyan' Animation is not bad but is still 'BAD'.

Now, I am writing this only and only from the animation point of view, and not about how good or bad the film is. I am writing this only because I am seeing a lot of Rajni fans defend this movie saying 'this is the first time in india motion-capture is brought about', 'we Indians dont encourage anything good', 'those who didnt like this movie are losers and cynics', etc.

I haven't seen this movie. i have seen the trailer. So, its very clear I am talking about the quality of animation alone.

Now many Rajni fans claim this movie should be supported because this is the first time an Indian film is trying motion-capture. The reasons could be the following (ofcourse, other than being Rajni fans) :

a. Anything that comes with the tag 'New Technology' is very warmly welcomed by South Indians, esp tamil industry, which is one of its greatest strengths, and has in the past given us such wonderful visual treats.

b. new technology means more budget and more …

Childhood memories of a Movie Maniac!!!

Location : Kochi, India.

Recently, I went to watch the lastest Spiderman movie ('The Amazing Spiderman 2'). There was very less to be amazed by the movie, but I had a nostalgic experience watching a little boy of maybe 3-5 years, sitting on his mother's lap and getting excited as a robed Spidey comes falling through the breeze. He was suddenly jumping up and down, as Spidey swung on his fiber swings, and the excitement on his face would make you melt. A happy father besides him, gave us a smile when he saw us looking at the boy.

I remember when I was not more than 7, I had gone to the then famous English movie theatre in Ernakulam, 'Sridhar', to watch 'Twister'. I was so excited and curious that day about these giant winds. I also developed a crush for Helen hunt, but lets not go into that ;). Me and my father came out of the theatre and walked down to the Marine Drive nearby, and sat on a wooden bench facing the sea. I had visuals of this huge tornado comi…