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'Gotham' desperate to revive itself; brings in more Supervillians soon

'Gotham' was having a very bad run during the pre- mid season episode. It was dragging and boring, and none of the characters made any real impact in the notorious world of Gotham City. The writers were earning a lot of flak for their poor imaginations. It seems desperate, but they felt the need to invite more super-villains into the TV series much sooner than expected. And how did these changes do for the series?

Last week, we got to see the beginning of the two part introduction into the life of young Jonathan Crane aka future Scarecrow. It began with his father trying to get rid of his fears through vast immoral experimentations. He convinced his teenage son that all his experiments were for the better of mankind. Dr. Gerald Crane, father of Johnathan invents a serum that will bring about the worst fears in your lives.

This episode and the next, where we see Johnathan turn into what he was destined to be, are the best episodes till now in 'Gotham'. Not only did it …