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Ranking the anticipation for Summer movies of 2017

It's about 2 weeks past the start of the summer season for movies, and I am very excited about a lot of them this year.

I am listing the top 10 movies that I'm excited about this summer. Yes, this is just my opinion.

10. The Mummy

This is a series much beloved when it had the funny Brendon Fraser and the gorgeous Rachel Weisz. Now, it has the action hero, Tom Cruise and somebody else. I am surprised this movie made into the top 10 list. But, it was either this or some other franchises I had no interest in and King Arthur. Mummy won by a cent over King Arthur.

From the trailers, it is evident that this movie will feature some high-risk stunts from Tom Cruise. I am looking forward to that. I am also interested in finding out what Universal has planned for with the Monster Universe they have been building. I am worried for this movie because it is nothing like the previous 'Mummy' movies, and I am not sure what to expect from this one. I am hoping it would not be just ano…