Ranking the anticipation for Summer movies of 2017

It's about 2 weeks past the start of the summer season for movies, and I am very excited about a lot of them this year.

I am listing the top 10 movies that I'm excited about this summer. Yes, this is just my opinion.

10. The Mummy

This is a series much beloved when it had the funny Brendon Fraser and the gorgeous Rachel Weisz. Now, it has the action hero, Tom Cruise and somebody else. I am surprised this movie made into the top 10 list. But, it was either this or some other franchises I had no interest in and King Arthur. Mummy won by a cent over King Arthur.

From the trailers, it is evident that this movie will feature some high-risk stunts from Tom Cruise. I am looking forward to that. I am also interested in finding out what Universal has planned for with the Monster Universe they have been building. I am worried for this movie because it is nothing like the previous 'Mummy' movies, and I am not sure what to expect from this one. I am hoping it would not be just another 'Mission Impossible' rip-off, which is why this is at the bottom of the list.

9. War for the Planet of Apes

This is the equivalent of the Nolan 'Batman' trilogy considering the past two sequels of the 'Planet of the Apes' series. It has some good writing and a decent emotional flow making it more real world than fantasy. The prequel did very well and brings in a lot of good will for this one. The only worry should be the heavily packed summer season, which might cause few of the audiences to prioritize their weekend.

Andy Serkis returns as the CGI Caeser to face off against Woody Harrelson.

8. Cars 3

The first 'Cars' movie was surprisingly one of the best animated movies I had watched. It was funny and emotional, and we loved the cars. The second one was a big let down, as it really had nothing to do with cars being cars. I hope the producers realized their mistakes and have returned to their roots. Cars 3 trailers have been quite promising towards that end, as we see lightning McQueen returning to his races and facing new rivals, instead of solving crimes.

7. Dark Tower

Dark Tower is written by Stephen King and has been long awaited by its fans to see this epic story into its visual reel version. Dark Tower features Idris Elba as the gunslinger and Mathew McConaughey as the Man in Black. The cast itself is a reason for the increased anticipation for this movie. The production went through troubled times postponing the release for over a year now.

The first trailer was released recently and it has garnered positive reactions. This is one movie to watch out for.

6. Dunkirk

I'm not a world war movies fan.(Surprisingly, there are 2 of them in this list and that too on this high.) But, when the director is someone like Christopher Nolan, you can just blindly go in to the theaters.
That is just what I am doing. The trailers have not shown too much and I'm looking forward to the kind of interactions the various characters in the movie will have with each other in this dire situation. It stars Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Cillian Murphy.

5. Baywatch

This comedy took me by surprise. Dwayne Johnson and Priyanka Chopra are huge stars, and it is so very exciting to see them pit against each other. The hotness level is high up there with additions like Alexandra and Zac Efron. The comedy in the trailers had me laughing on the floor.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

This movie was higher up in my anticipation rankings before I actually saw it. I tried to keep this list for those movies that were not viewed, but it seemed odd to miss on one of the biggest summer movies of the year. The movie didn't live up to the sensation of its prequel, but it is still one of the biggest movies of this summer. It has already made about 600 m $ world wide.

3. Wonder Woman

DCEU is a having a very rough time, and the only hope of reviving this universe is if Wonder Woman delivers. It has a lot going on for it. This is probably the first Wonder Woman film, and a female superhero in a long time. The feminists are rooting for it, and so are people who love a good film. The tone is drastically different from what the DCEU has been delivering for quite sometime. The trailers have a mix of comedy, action and heart, which was missing from the previous DCEU movies. I hope this one is good. Really good.

2. SpiderMan: Homecoming

Well, Tony Stark's in it. Plus a young Spiderman who seems very sweet and naive. After the mishap of Amazing Spiderman, it is good to see new faces. This is a Marvel collaboration and they do know how to make a comic book superhero movie. Add Michael Keaton to that as the sinister Vulture. The hype for this one knows no bounds.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead men tell no Tales

I am sure most of your top anticipated movie might have already made this list. Very few might have a similar anticipation list. Even I am surprised, but while making this list I realized that my craving for the Pirates is very high. I almost cried out of exasperation when I saw the last Pirates movie, and how horrible it was, but I am a great fan of the original trilogy. Yes, all three. I loved how funny they all were, and the plots were interesting too, along with the pirates action. I love the original trio of Sparrow, and the lovebirds, and I hope the new ones will be good too. Waiting for May 26th so that this franchise can redeem itself.

Yes, there are movies that might be your top 3 that didn't make my list, especially Despicable me. But, I was never a fan of that franchise. Yes, even the minions.

Films that almost made the list :
King Arthur

Films I have no interest in watching:
Alien Covenant
Atomic Blonde
Despicable Me 3


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