These are govt offices...dont expect people to work here!

Really? is it some kind of a sin to expect services in a govt office??? I mean services on time.

What is it that makes all the employees equally lethargic, and unhumane...who doesnt care for anything but their asses comfort.

Ofcourse there is the see and learn philosophy. Any guy who enters into this world will see guys immersed in corruption, lethargy, and self business. He is happily settled into thinking that he has got everything easy, and work is a far away priority in here. you sit there and enjoy the salary, and all the other benefits too. In comparison to a geek breaking his head day night for multinationals, and still earning meagre amount as he is just a junior in the long heirarchy, these guys have a lifetime guarantee about everything..except ofcourse life.

ya....the reason why i am going yapping abt all this is bcoz of my experience with the BSNL.

One month back we made a call to one of the bsnl agents to get a new broadband connection at our hostels. In 5 minutes, literally, he was there. He behaved very courteously, took our applications and 500 bucks and went of leaving us happy. in a weeks time as he promised we were to get connection. A WEEKS TIME...yeah...its after all BSNL....they just had to pull a 10m cable from nearby post to our hostel rooms, but ya...tat is 1 week worth work.

So we waited.

we didnt disturb the sales guy in anyway...but 1 week passed and we enquired. There was some shifting going on. They need another week. See how good guys we are. We didnt make any fuss. Just a week rite. Then we would be getting our basic necessity of a net connection. but then no body answers your call. it goes out of range, and hardly once wen he took the phone, he answered that he is outta station. So wat about our connection? Now he says a new persons name and asks us to enquire with that guy. We have to start again, as he has a new bunch of promises. He then gives the line mans number. we bugged him for almost another 1 week to get him bring the connection. he wants money too.

Now we need the modem. that is just configuration of a userid and password. A common user makes an account as easily as anything. they need one week for that. After they have completed that, they informed us, and we went happily. There they make us wait 2 hours to just hand over the modems.

What are they?

Who the hell gave them such authority.........??
In one of my vissits to the bsnl office to know the status, i got out of control and was praising them for their sincerity. The shameless guy looked up and just said, "i will give u the number, You go complain."

Seriously who gave them these powers??

There is a minimum speed that people can work with rite? These guys even learn to break the barriers of lethargy created by god.

God Save uS!


Christie said…
There should be a rule or an agreement which their officials sign and put seal to when they take that initial 500 bucks. Agreement should mention clearly the time they will take to install the connection in full working condition, the minimum speed of the connection, etc. In case of non compliance, they should pay fine or are ready to have their asses sued. The fine amount to be agreed upon also. If sellers can have terms and conditions on their stupid products, why cant the consumers?!
ramesh said…
Govt cant break their heads on new rules.....they r finding it hard to manage the rules they have already made. why would they want to be over courteous and help some common men

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