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Sherlock mini episode 'Many Happy Returns' - a prequel to Season 3

We have been waiting for the new episodes of the BBC thriller 'Sherlock' ever since the protagonist jumps of a building a year ago. Sherlock fakes his death, and that we know, 'but how?' has been the question all this time. Now that Sherlock is going to be back from January 1st of 2014, our eagerness has exceeded all the patience.

BBC cleverly makes a 7 minute mini episode for its fans, which i think is a great gesture. It says "He is coming!!!". Yes, Sherlock is coming back, and Watson is going to be in for a shock as new games begin. Detective Lestrade is confused by his assistants interest in the different investigative cases across the world. He is fixated on Sherlock not being dead, while Watson receives an old Birthday message from Sherlock.

The episode is called 'Many Happy Returns', and lets wait to watch how happy our viewer are going to be, when 'Sherlock' comes back on the 1st.

See the mini episode here :

The Amazing Spiderman 2 trailer is out!

Have you got a glimpse of what Marvel is upto for the next year. The fans can be thrilled at the idea of this trailer we have here.

The Amazing Spiderman 2.

Releasing on the 2nd of May, immediately after the Captain America sequel. The new trailer looks promising and an eligible sequel to the actual 2000 series of Spiderman movies. The reboot that came a year before was so unimaginative and stale, but the sequel looks like a lot more character has been added to the new Spiderman. He struggles with his superpower and also discovers a lot of hidden secrets that would lead him face to face with some really badass people. Well, you watch and enjoy this trailer, while we wait for it to come on the big screens

What people in India wanted 50 years ago

This beautiful documentary made in 1967 by the Films Division of India and directed by Mr. S.N.S. Shastry, is a beautiful reflection of the mentality of people of various genders and societies, 20 years after the independence of our country, India. People talk about their expectations and ambitions, and about their miseries and opinions about the country. Most of the interviewees are born on the day we got independence, 15th August 1947, and are 20 years old at the time of making this video.

The interviewees have various opinions about the administration and the development of the country at that time. There are those who are joyful about the freedom they have in pursuing education and aiming for a good career, while some pester about the improvements that has to come about. Their dreams, hopes, frustrations and confusions surface in the documentary. One guy, who is my favourite, wants to travel, make money and produce a film based on him.

This wonderful documentary is a must watch.…

'Aningaaq' fails to enter best live-shorts shortlist at Oscars; 'Kush' by Indian director Shubhashish for consideration

Just two days back, internet opened to a viral viewership to the amazing short 'Aningaaq', made as a spin off of one of  the year's most admired movie 'Gravity', and the rumours of it getting considered by the Academy for best live-short film this year at the Oscars were flying around at large. But let's say the axe fell too quick on the expectations, as the Academy released its 10 shortlisted live-shorts that would fight for the nominations by January next year. Well, 'Aningaaq' is sadly absent in the list.

The movies in consideration are as follows:

“Aquel No Era Yo (That Wasn’t Me),” Esteban Crespo, director (Producciones Africanauan)

“Avant Que De Tout Perdre (Just before Losing Everything),” Xavier Legrand, director, and Alexandre Gavras, producer (KG Productions)

“Dva (Two),” Mickey Nedimovic, director, and Henner Besuch, director of photography (Filoufilm Dani Barsch)

“Helium,” Anders Walter, director, and Kim Magnusson, producer (M & M Prod…

Aningaaq : Jonas Cuaron's 'Gravity' spin off explores the other side to Bullock's distress call

Remember this scene from 'Gravity' where Sandra Bullock's character Ryan Stone, loses all hope of surviving and shuts down her drone. Just before that she finds peace in her conversation through her transmitter with a guy called Aningaaq. You hear his voice, and his speech, a dogs bark and a crying child. Have you wondered who they were? Well, you don't have to any more.

Jonas Cuaron, son of the director Alfonso Cuaron himself, who co-wrote 'gravity' alongside his father, wrote a shortie based on this conversation. Financed by Warner Videos, who wanted the short to come out with their Blu-ray editions, found the short's potential to be much more than they intended. Now doing rounds in various festivals for short films, they might be just in luck if they could get a nomination for their short film 'Aningaaq' at the prestigious Oscars this year, in the live action short film category. If so, it could be very much possible that Warner's could be t…

Bollywood's 100-cr obsession

Yet another movie has successfully crossed the 200-crore line at the Indian box office for Bollywood movie a couple of days back - 'Krrish 3'. With releases in more theatres at the same time, and increased number of prints, producers want to reap the maximum in the least amount of time before the next hyped movie takes over.

Let me start with the first one in this club- '3 Idiots'. It was the first movie to cross 200-crores. Let me point out that there are people who consider even this movie to be dumb, but i do differ. Well, for one it was hilarious. It was after so long that a truly funny Hindi movie had come out. People also had other inclinations while going on for this movie. Viewers of Aamir would consider the movie in the 'out-of-the-box', effort and quality driven category, whereas fans of Raju Hirani's previous work 'Munnabhai', knows the amount and class of the comedy they were invited to. Both didn't disappoint you. So, when I used t…

The DC-Marvel onscreen war

DC comics and Marvel comics have been the two most biggest names in the comics universe for almost a century. Time and again these character and the stories have been adapted on to the big and small screens for a moving pictures visual treat for its fans. While comics had its own following, the arrival on to the screens brought in many more awe-struck people to their universes. Here, I, from the point of one of the moviegoers, unaware of the decades of comics, its stories and discussions that must have happened several times upon thousands of forums, would like to see what both DC and Marvel are upto.

The time I became aware about the different Comic book companies who were actually a universe in itself was when i saw the huge 'Marvel' logo in the beginning of the first 'Spiderman' movie in 2002. By then, i was familiar with the common superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and a few others with animal names in front of 'man'. We also had an Indian super…

10 years to the magnum Opus 'Devdas'

Browsing through my hard drive recently, i came upon a copy of the 2002 magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas, and something urged me to open it. I played the file and moved the cursor on the time bar and it landed on a scene where Kiron Kherr was dancing in her red Bengali saree, and i was surprised that i had not heard that song for a long time now. Kiron Kher was dancing at the 'Godhbharayi' function at Thakurs house, thinking her Paro and Devdas will be engaged to each other that day. She was naive and loud, but thats what the character of hers was directed to do, by Mr.Bhansali. He was sure he wanted it dramatic. In fact, Devdas, was at its time, and even now, one of the most melodramatic movies ever made, and its not a bad thing here. If any story should be so over the top melodramatic, it is this one. Or is it that Mr.Bhansali quite convinced us with that.The huge Havelis, the grand interiors, the colourful screens and the lavish costumes tells us that Mr. …

Madras Cafe review

Madras one of the best...i am THE best espionage thriller to have come out of India. It is simply engaging and totally gripping. There is nothing more to say. It details out the proceedings starting from the formation of the LTTE, their contradictions with Rajiv Gandhi, to the assassination of the ex PM. Though, they have changed the names of the characters and certain events. Performances were decent from John Abraham and Nargis. Nargis actually looks very comfortable speaking in english. The supporting cast esp the guys from Indian RAW agency, gave a very powerful and non dramatic and more realistic performances, compared to other Indian thrillers where they overdo every emotion. So a big applause to the director and his team. Hope his researchers were good too. Cinematography is top class. Edit is one of the best for me, as it doesnot linger on dragging emotions. It doesnt drag even 0.1%, which is very rare in Indian cinema. The director points o…

Oscar Nominees 2013

Just about a year earlier i had brought you the nominees of the previous year. The surprises and the unexpected snubs from the academy. This year again i will try to watch all the nominated movies and give you my opinion about the possible winners and the deserving ones as I would consider.
From the list i have watched only "Life of Pi" and "Argo" both of which are class in its genres and deserving to be in the nominees list. Life of Pi is a perfect cinematic experience with its lavish sea-sets and high tech EFX that narrates a complex story of a boy stranded on a boat with a tiger. "Argo" is a rescue mission undertaken by the US to rescue its ambassadors trapped  in the middle east. This creates a very dark and serious situation, but the script is pacy and funny at the same time. It will give a hard time to all the other contenders, especially Lincoln. The full list is given below. Will watch each of the other movies and come with my views on each, and …