Sherlock mini episode 'Many Happy Returns' - a prequel to Season 3

We have been waiting for the new episodes of the BBC thriller 'Sherlock' ever since the protagonist jumps of a building a year ago. Sherlock fakes his death, and that we know, 'but how?' has been the question all this time. Now that Sherlock is going to be back from January 1st of 2014, our eagerness has exceeded all the patience.

BBC cleverly makes a 7 minute mini episode for its fans, which i think is a great gesture. It says "He is coming!!!". Yes, Sherlock is coming back, and Watson is going to be in for a shock as new games begin. Detective Lestrade is confused by his assistants interest in the different investigative cases across the world. He is fixated on Sherlock not being dead, while Watson receives an old Birthday message from Sherlock.

The episode is called 'Many Happy Returns', and lets wait to watch how happy our viewer are going to be, when 'Sherlock' comes back on the 1st.

See the mini episode here :


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