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Madras Cafe review

Madras one of the best...i am THE best espionage thriller to have come out of India. It is simply engaging and totally gripping. There is nothing more to say. It details out the proceedings starting from the formation of the LTTE, their contradictions with Rajiv Gandhi, to the assassination of the ex PM. Though, they have changed the names of the characters and certain events. Performances were decent from John Abraham and Nargis. Nargis actually looks very comfortable speaking in english. The supporting cast esp the guys from Indian RAW agency, gave a very powerful and non dramatic and more realistic performances, compared to other Indian thrillers where they overdo every emotion. So a big applause to the director and his team. Hope his researchers were good too. Cinematography is top class. Edit is one of the best for me, as it doesnot linger on dragging emotions. It doesnt drag even 0.1%, which is very rare in Indian cinema. The director points o…