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Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Official Teaser Trailer


After days of mobile rips flying around showing half clear to fully concealed videos, now Marvel has released the full length trailer of 'Avengers 2'.
Titled 'The Age of Ultron'; gets the superheroes of the Marvel world to fight again arm-in-arm against a mighty Alien (again!).

Watch the Trailer here.

The cast includes all the actual avengers like Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Jeremy Reiner as HawkEye, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. Adding to the old cast we have Aaron Taylor of 'Kick-Ass' fame as QuickSilver, Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch and James Spader as the villain 'Ultron'. Also, a surprise in the form of Andy Serkis : our 'Gollum'.

Poster :

Why 'Kochadaiiyan' Animation is not bad but is still 'BAD'.

Now, I am writing this only and only from the animation point of view, and not about how good or bad the film is. I am writing this only because I am seeing a lot of Rajni fans defend this movie saying 'this is the first time in india motion-capture is brought about', 'we Indians dont encourage anything good', 'those who didnt like this movie are losers and cynics', etc.

I haven't seen this movie. i have seen the trailer. So, its very clear I am talking about the quality of animation alone.

Now many Rajni fans claim this movie should be supported because this is the first time an Indian film is trying motion-capture. The reasons could be the following (ofcourse, other than being Rajni fans) :

a. Anything that comes with the tag 'New Technology' is very warmly welcomed by South Indians, esp tamil industry, which is one of its greatest strengths, and has in the past given us such wonderful visual treats.

b. new technology means more budget and more …

Childhood memories of a Movie Maniac!!!

Location : Kochi, India.

Recently, I went to watch the lastest Spiderman movie ('The Amazing Spiderman 2'). There was very less to be amazed by the movie, but I had a nostalgic experience watching a little boy of maybe 3-5 years, sitting on his mother's lap and getting excited as a robed Spidey comes falling through the breeze. He was suddenly jumping up and down, as Spidey swung on his fiber swings, and the excitement on his face would make you melt. A happy father besides him, gave us a smile when he saw us looking at the boy.

I remember when I was not more than 7, I had gone to the then famous English movie theatre in Ernakulam, 'Sridhar', to watch 'Twister'. I was so excited and curious that day about these giant winds. I also developed a crush for Helen hunt, but lets not go into that ;). Me and my father came out of the theatre and walked down to the Marine Drive nearby, and sat on a wooden bench facing the sea. I had visuals of this huge tornado comi…

Game of Thrones : The Devil Inside trailer

Cersei is in full 'revenge' mode, vowing to pay debts, while Tyrion warns his brother not to let Cersei loose. Danaerys continues her talk of justice, with extended shots revealed in the background. Roose Bolton and his bastard has a lot of planning to do. They are now the enemies of the North. Now how this all ends seems to be Bran's role in the whole story, as suggested in the trailer.

What follows is a series of sequences that intrigues us with its visual camaraderie and nail-biting thick plot. I have to say this series is probably the best right now, in the departments of cinematography, set design, production and visual effects. Seeing some of the beautiful shots, I have to admit, this season is a notch higher than the rest in cinematography and EFX.

Now with just three more weeks to go. Premiere on April 6th.

Kochadaiiyan Latest trailer

Closer home, Rajnikant's (actually Saundarya rajnikant's, but that's not how people recognise movies here) Kochadaiiyan, releases their new extended trailer showcasing more of Rajnikant's heroism, with power-packed dialogs, literally animated action scenes, and a gorgeous animated (again literally) Deepika Padukone.

A.R Rahman's musical score bulges the already mega high excitement of the 'Thalaivaa' fans, but none of his songs comes out. While the animation still suffers from International standards, (looks more like a mediocre game), the technology that Saundarya intents to bring about to India might change a lot of things for future Indian Animation movies. Animation features in India is rare, and often we hear a maximum of one or two releases a year still. Some come and go, even without anyone's attention. 'Kochadaiiyan' is one hope for future filmmakers, and animation lovers, to look forward to some amazing animation extravaganzas. Let thi…

Game of Thrones season 4 :trailer 3 - You got Dragons, Armies, War, and Bravos.

The amazing trailer from 'Game of thrones' exceeds all limits of adrenaline, making you want nothing more than the premiere date to arrive.

Sansa gets a beautiful intro, Cersei goes in head-to-head with the 'Viper', Armie under Danearys grows larger and so does her dragons, Jon snow keeps fighting the cold and the wildlings, while the servants of the red god have their own plans. And then Bravos. Its just beautiful. See below, to know what I am speaking of.

Hope you are excited enough :)

Arrow 3 min extended trailer looks into DeathStroke, Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey

This season of 'Arrow' started with Queen rebuilding the Starling City after the earthquake shakes up the whole place. He befriends some other misfits like him, and we saw the season introducing many a new characters in black, white and grey shades. But all through, the series directors were sure of how the final showdown of this season would come along.

The backstory of the huge character change of Oliver Queen from a playboy millionaire to this vigilante called 'Arrow', happens on the forsaken Island; and who does he have for company? The guy who would become 'DeathStroke'. We have seen how their friendship grows in the last season. In this season we were shown the hardships they faced, and Slade almost dieing, but rescued by a miracle cure with dangerous side-effects. Till now the story sees them as friends. We are yet to arrive at the point where the two gets into a conflict, but its pretty much obvious that it is something related to their common dead fri…

Gravity in the making

The annual Academy Awards, or the Oscars were announced the day before yesterday, and 'Gravity' stole the statues in almost all of the technical departments, whether it was the sound, or the visual effects, or edit. It won Alfonso Cuaron the best director title too.

The sheer curiosity of how he achieved all this that appears on screen still baffles the viewer. Luckily, the producers have come up with clips showing the efforts taken during their endeavor; in departments of visual efx, sound, script and acting. The precision shots and the technology in the background is marvellous, and a treat for any filmmaker or film buff.

Watch this interesting featurette from the movie, here.

Oscars 2014 : Big wins for 'Gravity', 'dallas Buyers Club' and '12 years a Slave'

As the presenters were stalking the stars on the red carpet, early towards the evening, we get to see a huge line up of celebrities, nominated and hosting, arrive. They sashay in their gowns or pose in their tuxedos, and we have our anchors running to them to ask what or rather 'whose' they are wearing. They slowly take their time talking to as many of them as they could and finally when we arrive inside the huge Dolby theatre in L.A, we hush up as the light go dim.

Enters, the host for the 85th Annual Academy Awards, Ellen DeGeneres, and cracks up a lot many cool wits about the celebrities present in there, and many were actually funny. But then the rest of the evening she played waiter to the stars down in the theater serving pizza. Less jokes therefore, and wasn't as eventful as some of the previous years.

Now coming to the event itself, they played the one absolutely undoubtful category, with Jared Leto unanimously taking away the Best Supporting Actor award. Then spri…

HIMYM 200th episode turns tables on the mother!

We have 'How I Met Your Mother' celebrating its 200th episode today, and we were looking forward to some exciting flashbacks and a ride along the memory lane. But we were given a beautiful and a long-awaited episode with this one, where the story of the mother is told. The 200th episode concentrates solely on the backstory of the mother since the start of HIMYM in 2005, wherein our main characters appear and go off. The episode titles itself were changed to 'How Your Mother Met Me'.

The episode starts with the 'mother' and her friends meeting up together at 'McLaren's Pub'. But not the one with Ted and his friends, when a call comes spilling tragedy for the mother. Then one by one the episode goes through the times when Ted and the mother came almost face-to-face, but missed each other. Christin Milioti gets full space to showcase comedy as well as some emotions that we have wanted to see. We always wanted to know more about the mother, which was e…

Oscars 2014 Nominations

The nominations for Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, for 2014 is out. We have pretty much the same nominees who were recognized for Golden globes or the BAFTA, but we do have a few snubs and surprises too.

Get the full list of nominees here:

Well the following films will compete for the statue this year for best film

American Hustle
Captain Philips
12 Years a slave
Dallas Buyers Club
The Wolf of Wall Street

While most of the entries were expected, I am sad at the omission of Saving Mr. Banks, and surprised of Inside Llewyn Davis not making it. I am sad that 'Rush' did not get any nods too.

Well, hope you read the nominee list from the link i have provided above. So let me talk about what surprised me.

The first and foremost for me was the omission i mentioned above, and especially Emma Thompson not getting a nod in the best actress category. She was so very fantastic in 'Saving Mr. banks', that i …

Game Of Thrones returns with season 4 trailer

So the date is April 6th. The day when Game of Thrones will return to your TV sets; and we have a lot to cover from the rest of book 3: Storm of swords (Blood and Gold), in this season; maybe, a little bit from book 4 and 5 too. To the non-readers I would just say 'death, death...and more death' and request you to not continue any further, or you could just to take a chance and see whats in store for you this season. Anyways watch the trailer here.

***Might have SPOILERS****

Like last year, this trailer too starts with a epic moment where a huge dragon shadow spreads over an empire. It looks like King's Landing to me, but makes no sense as per the books. For a moment i thought could it be Mereen? Afterall, its a seashore kingdom too. But i trust it would be more dusty and desert like than what's depicted in the trailer, leading to confirm on King's Landing. Have to wait for the series to know more on it.

All the character, who didn't die last season are shown …

'Sherlock' is back with some answers

The third season of 'Sherlock', which is one of the most anticipated TV episodes of the year, was aired in UK on the 1st of Jan. This episode was to be the answer tot he long awaited question of how Sherlock survives his 'Reichenbach' fall from the last season almost 2 years ago. Theories have been floating around about his death in UK, and Sherlock has been cleared from all doubts surrounding his being a fraud. And Watson has moved on in his life, to Sherlock's surprise. But then, he has to come back. There is going to be a huge terrorist attack in London.

***SPOILERS from down here****

The first episode, 'The Empty Hearse' was a get together of all the characters and introduction of new ones, to let the viewers know where each of them stand after 2 years without Sherlock. Nothing much has changed, except that Watson has a girlfriend, Mary, and he has a really bad moustache. Watson is shocked to see Sherlock again and demands an explanation as to why he …