Arrow 3 min extended trailer looks into DeathStroke, Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey

This season of 'Arrow' started with Queen rebuilding the Starling City after the earthquake shakes up the whole place. He befriends some other misfits like him, and we saw the season introducing many a new characters in black, white and grey shades. But all through, the series directors were sure of how the final showdown of this season would come along.

The backstory of the huge character change of Oliver Queen from a playboy millionaire to this vigilante called 'Arrow', happens on the forsaken Island; and who does he have for company? The guy who would become 'DeathStroke'. We have seen how their friendship grows in the last season. In this season we were shown the hardships they faced, and Slade almost dieing, but rescued by a miracle cure with dangerous side-effects. Till now the story sees them as friends. We are yet to arrive at the point where the two gets into a conflict, but its pretty much obvious that it is something related to their common dead friend 'Shado'.

Back in present, Queen is visited by the Old friend, who vows to destroy everything he holds dear, before he kills him. This 3 minute extended trailer goes out like an arrow from a bow and hits the target called excitement. The trailer promises a good fight between the two friends, and both bend upon to destroy the other forever.

Moreover, we see that this time Arrow is more than ready. He has got a battalion behind him in this crisis. One, if this crisis requires such a battalion, of 'Suicide Squad', Canary, Roy, and supposedly the 'Birds of Prey', then Arrow is in quite the trouble. Slade must be ready to give him a hard time, and not just for Arrow. Sarah, alias Black canary, is frightened too, and she assures that she would not be easy to bring down. Watch this clip from the next episode too.

So get ready and gear up, for some astonishing episodes from CW's 'Arrow'.


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