Game of Thrones : The Devil Inside trailer

Cersei is in full 'revenge' mode, vowing to pay debts, while Tyrion warns his brother not to let Cersei loose. Danaerys continues her talk of justice, with extended shots revealed in the background. Roose Bolton and his bastard has a lot of planning to do. They are now the enemies of the North. Now how this all ends seems to be Bran's role in the whole story, as suggested in the trailer.

What follows is a series of sequences that intrigues us with its visual camaraderie and nail-biting thick plot. I have to say this series is probably the best right now, in the departments of cinematography, set design, production and visual effects. Seeing some of the beautiful shots, I have to admit, this season is a notch higher than the rest in cinematography and EFX.

Now with just three more weeks to go. Premiere on April 6th.


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