Kochadaiiyan Latest trailer

Closer home, Rajnikant's (actually Saundarya rajnikant's, but that's not how people recognise movies here) Kochadaiiyan, releases their new extended trailer showcasing more of Rajnikant's heroism, with power-packed dialogs, literally animated action scenes, and a gorgeous animated (again literally) Deepika Padukone.

A.R Rahman's musical score bulges the already mega high excitement of the 'Thalaivaa' fans, but none of his songs comes out. While the animation still suffers from International standards, (looks more like a mediocre game), the technology that Saundarya intents to bring about to India might change a lot of things for future Indian Animation movies. Animation features in India is rare, and often we hear a maximum of one or two releases a year still. Some come and go, even without anyone's attention. 'Kochadaiiyan' is one hope for future filmmakers, and animation lovers, to look forward to some amazing animation extravaganzas. Let this be an amazing start to those future endeavours.

I hope this movie thus helps not just satisfy the whims of Rajni fans, but be a whole level of new experience for movie lovers across the country.


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