Game Of Thrones returns with season 4 trailer

So the date is April 6th. The day when Game of Thrones will return to your TV sets; and we have a lot to cover from the rest of book 3: Storm of swords (Blood and Gold), in this season; maybe, a little bit from book 4 and 5 too. To the non-readers I would just say 'death, death...and more death' and request you to not continue any further, or you could just to take a chance and see whats in store for you this season. Anyways watch the trailer here.

***Might have SPOILERS****

Like last year, this trailer too starts with a epic moment where a huge dragon shadow spreads over an empire. It looks like King's Landing to me, but makes no sense as per the books. For a moment i thought could it be Mereen? Afterall, its a seashore kingdom too. But i trust it would be more dusty and desert like than what's depicted in the trailer, leading to confirm on King's Landing. Have to wait for the series to know more on it.

All the character, who didn't die last season are shown in the trailer; some more than the others. Geoffrey is still in his head, claiming victory over others, while his 'uncle' Jaime tells him there's more to come. After the conquest of Yunkai, Danearys moves on to the next kingdom, Mereen, and the reader (we) know this is going to be harder than thought to be. We can immediately see the Shavepates hunting the Sons of Harpy in Mereen. So a war is in place.

Now the most exciting moments of the second part of book 3 has been all covered in the trailer. Geoffrey's wedding is shaping up, War in the north is going on, Tyrion still not getting love from his family, and so on. Things look pretty exciting here in the west-eros, than at Dany's end in this trailer. In the north, we know Jon's betrayed the wildlings and set forth back to Castle Black, but in this trailer we can see that the Wildlings haven't gone anywhere; and Ygritte is sure pissed. We know how this is going to end, and most probably towards the end of the series they Blacks and Wildlings may clash. We can see huge people trying to crash the gates on the Wall. There's little story then for Jon in this series. But I think the major focus will always be on Dany's and Jon's wars. Also in the north Bran has taken to going to the other side of the wall. Mysterious things live there, and in one good shot of Bran's we see him touching a tree, Hodor looking upon him.

In the middle riverrun is a sad place, with no stark or tullys to lead the kingdom. We saw Blackfish going away from the red wedding right before the killings started, but now we have no idea where he is. neither do we know yet, about what was done to Edmure.

Down South, King's Landing is preparing for the grand wedding of Geoffrey and Margaery. But why is Cersei crying then, and why is Tyrion is handcuffs? You will know soon. things are going to go out of hand in there. Baelish and Varys still seems to be continuing their 'chaos is a climb' talk. But I assure you there will be more to Baelish this season. His wooing of Sansa would be a center focus in their relationship. Well for Sansa, King's Landing is proving to be hell, as she is wedded off to Tyrion, but now things are about to change. All I got to see of Sansa was a quick shot of her turning around with a black hood over her. Sad! More characters come in. Well, there's a wedding in King's Landing. One of the characters to look out for is the Red Viper, who tells Tyrion that its not just the Lannisters who could pay their debts. We see him clashing with Mountain, but i thought it would be a grander venue where that fight happens.

Theon, Arya and Asha (Yara for the TV people) are also just given a moments space on screen. But we will surely see more of them while the series airs in April.

I have been wondering what would be the highpoint of this series. There are many in the book. Usually its the episode 9 of all seasons that bring the major turning points. Year one, we had a heart attack when Ned was beheaded, while in third, the red wedding. Season two gave us the Battle of Blackwater. So in the fourth season obviously episode 9 is to be awaited for eagerly. But, I could just tell you that this time your shock absorbers might be needed pretty sooner than you think. Possibly within the first three episodes. That's the fun part of this season.

Well, we have three good months to wait for, while the show starts airing. We will look forward to new trailers in the meanwhile. But don't forget the date, April 6th.


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