Old faces? New Faces?

You know..Today i was in the coffee house meeting with three of my old school friends after a long time. We chatted, had shakes and coffee(for one of the guys..maybe preserving his voice from cold), went for a ride and had fun. Now as i said its ages since we met. But now as we have grown up by a couple of 'couple of years' i would have thought the world might have changed all around and in front of me would be complete strangers. Thats how it should be. The world is supposed to change you minute by minute. But what was funny is that, i could go up and say "actually, not really!".
Ofcourse, we have gained heights[not me], grown enormously, have new marks on faces, new looks thorughout. But basically i felt all were the same as it used to be.

But at the same time there have been instances when i just sit back listening to people and not getting anything to say in between, or have to act like "oh...i know we have been away for so long for you to be comfortable with me now". I guessed that should be very normal since you have been separted and do not really share any of your present incidents and circumstances, that you really wouldnt know what the other would want to hear actually. The magic of you knowing exactly what the listener would love to hear is vanished. So all you do is try ask how it all was without you in their life. I would love to sit opposite someone who talks a lot, because i just hope he or she might do the work of filling in these moments of joy of reunion. Well, sometimes i am lucky, sometimes not.

So where actually do i define my comfort zone, u think i am too very clear about it.....but damn no!!! Life is surprisingly unpredictable.

Well I m for today just happy, that i am happy, and had some fun the way i used to with my friends.Thank them. Anyways now on the edge of passing out of college now, i am thinking now there would be similar days coming where my other set of friends[college] would be calling me up for such meetings. Will they be the same when you see them? Will they remember what all we have gone through?? Will they find it amusing to recall all that?

Well...we will meet someday anyway...i guess...on that day i could fill another page of the blog!!!!


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