Being Understanding!!!

To think that you know someone and have it broken the moment you think that is ..i dont know wat....should be called as..... mean. Mean means mean on you. One terribly unlucky chap that you turn out to be. You remain in the illusion of being a super machine that is the most alert and aware person around, when this kind of a trauma hits you. Your revisions and outlook now remains wanting at many places. You turn blank and curse the world for cheating you out in this manner, and believe and oath never to trust anyone again.

But you are what you are. New promises shall be made, old problems shall be solved, and there you are at it again.You think what it is to be wrong. Just human. So again we go through the same old routine as before, thinking that there is nothing to be learnt much out of it. After all it was just a misconception that you made. You really know the person. You were very much right in the first place.

Happy ending???? Hahah.....not yet!!!

This is a cycle. Now as you have grown over confident that you have really understood the person, and believe he is what you think, he decides this is the right time to punish you for it.
And there you are again, meeting with another unexpected turn of events. Again you start cursing your luck. You are in crumbles. You cry a lot thinking why should all this happen to you alone. Then maybe sometime later you return back to normal, and all goes well again.

So i think what is it to understand somebody. I think its the most tedious of all the things in the world, because human are so complex, that i even doubt that you yourself do not understand about you that properly. So when we say we understand somebody, do we really?

So is it that all relations that are said to be understanding are false, just an illusion?

Maybe not. We do not want someone to justify all our deeds i suppose. But someone who would when you really care to be understood. When you stand somewhere looking on to someone and trying hard to tell them something, that moment if the person gets you or not, but would care enough to see through that you dont mess things up, that would be wat i d call as understanding. Who would pass that moment of your life are really great people who you could never forget. They are your true friends.


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