Dasavatharam Review

Well for today this is my issue...heheheh
Because i ve been just out watching this so called magnum opus that i feel nothing else is more important than to discuss about it. After all its the legend Kamal Hassans story!

Well seriously i had a lot of expectations from the movie, and thought that there would be something about the story itself that raised my expectations more. To tell the truth, actually the story is a good one i felt. But the treatment and the way it is implemented is not up to the mark. Actually what is intended by the movie is not understood until the very end. We see a lot of characters coming in and going out and leaves us confused why are all these people here [10 of them are Kamal himself, so we tend to think its just to fill up his Dasavatar]. The characterisations i feel was a bit confusing.

But the story is straight forward and simple at the end and comes to the conclusion that God knows his way and does his best to protect the world from any big disasters. The disaster in here being a threat of release of a biological weapon that could destroy a large part of the world. So nothing much to say about the story. But i am guessing Dr Kamal hassan actually might have intended a bigger message out of his film than actually what we see.

The ten characters that Kamal plays are fine, but nothing great as of such. The Telegu Detective, Foreigner villain, Japanese fight master are my pick out of his performances, but still nothing great. Asin , Mallika, Jayaprada, all does their jobs well. Rest of the characters were also just okay. So nothing so new in acting side as would be expected of a Kamal movie.

The movie scores on the technical side actually. The amount spend really is seen here. The starting of the movie and the climax are the best parts of the movie. In between its just some script to run the story. Its gets boring in the middle somewhere, and what keeps us there is the curiousity to know how the movie shall end. The action and Graphics are the highpoints of the movie, and its worth a watch for those.

The music disappoints very much. Except for Mukunda and Ullaga nayakan, the songs are ordinary. Even the background music is just average.

So what i say is that the movie is a one time watch to see Kamal do ten roles together, and for the high tech Graphics and action.

I rate the movie at 6.5/10


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