Wrong is the way!!

I Know the first day i wanted to bunk a class, it was like the biggest crime i would ever do in life. I was thinking "Oh god! Why the hell am i even thinking about it???". But the boredom and a far cry of freedom was calling me. The temptation was too much. After all why should i worry? I am not the only one. More than half the class is gonna bunk. So I am not wrong!!

Well, i did bunk, but i still had a guilt that day and worried if our teacher noticed me in the absentees list. The tension lasted till the next day when she fired all who bunked. But thats all..she never bothered about it again. Huh...thats easy!heheheh!!!

So again i bunked on another day.....then again....and again.....so wat i thought was wrong once completely changed into an unavoidable college freaky habit, which was considered fun!!!

This is not the only incident....i thought drinking and smoking were sins too. But here almost all guys do these. They insist it is a way of life. A lifestyle which is cool. Hmmmm...so should i start thinking the same.

Well even lieing is a sin....but how many times i have already done that. Ask your parents and teachers today. Even they would say to be practical. Tell it your friends...they would call you a mental jerk. So i feel rights and wrongs are made by the society. Whatever wrongs they get tempted by to repeat turns out to be called right in the end. Any person who objects to that is only an irritating jerk who doesnt know how to live. You want to live, then dont be nice. Or else live alone!!

So now i dont fear lieing so much...nor do i fear bunking classes.

So a person who might have done a few murders would start thinking that this is the way of life....and whatever he does is not that wrong because arent there other murderers in this world???So how could he be wrong. See even he can justify!!!!


Hello , did you write this piece or were you copy pasting ..... the situation you mention hear is called confirmation bias ...... we are biased , even on our on judgements' , according to how others view it and judge it , we'll only consider them to be done and dusted ( i mean beliefs and judgements ) only when others confirm or adhere to your view ........... u know this is a human problem ..... he's a social being ..... so sometimes being a lil offbeat is good ....... and in the end who decides , what is right and wrong ? i mean who has the right to judge ? you have just entered an infinite loop that thinkers before you have entered and never got an answer until they were dead ..... do u feel dizzy .... u should be ....
ramesh said…
ooh wow......so tat closes the issue does it?

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