Who u remember

Memory is kind of a freaky thing! The activeness of it always a serious concern issue. The moments it go off and when it returns....and so on. The gift of being able to remember things is also a big curse when you get to remember even those moments where you forget to remember some one. You forgot to wish your sister on her bday, you forget to call somebody who is waiting for your call, you forget to invite one friend out of your gang on a hang out....but you soon come remember when someone else reminds you of it.

Now this is very much a common issue, and what could be human. But now from this point what we do is sometimes very much surprising. Some lie about not being able to make a call, some tell they assigned someone else, and some daredevils even throw out an impression that you arent welcome, so why bother about you[ in case its not that dear a person to you]. They dont really care how the person feels at the other end. Even if they do they cover it up by acting not too care, because they dont want to show how guilty they are in this. Now the person at the recieving end is a confused person. He doesnt really understand what is expected of him now. Where now he stands, and what should he do now. He totally feels out of place. He could go out questioning his status or leave the issue quietly.

On the other side some really nice people call and accept their faults and invite them gracefully. They apologize in a manner that embarrasses the other person that he really feel so tempted to forgive. Forgive and forget. But dont know in todays world how cool is it considered. This kind of a humbleness could be devastating for anyone's ego mentality. To bow in front of someone and accept your mistake to your peers is not that great glory you see. It feels cheap. To instead go and fight it out with the other person would be a much simpler thing to do than drafting an apology. We have changed ourselves for that. We are no more the out-of-trouble kids. We love more trouble it seems. Cant live without it.

Well the above kind of characteristics of a guy differs in degree in correspondence to the degree of his affection to you. Anyhow the world is not perfect, that i know!!!!


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