Jab tak hai jaan songs review(after one time listen).

This album was pretty tough for Rahman for two reasons. One, to scale upto the magnitude he had set in ROCKSTAR, and two, to compensate SRKs bad acting on screen (some others would tell this is a plus, but not me).

Starting with 'Challa', the song reportedly making waves on internet is just an OK song for me. It sports a new singer Rabbi, but does no justice to his capability. Also this is the video where SRK jumps around like a monkey with a guitar, which puts me off. Again to scale upto the magnitude of ROCKSTAR set by Ranbir is difficult.

 Followed by 'Saans' which started off sweet because its Shreya Goshal. But then dont know what got into Rahman. There was dholaks, violins, flutes, drums, and what not. I was so confused by the instrumentation. And then in between the song went totally out of the path straying somewhere. The song slightly reminded me of a better song in ADA. This could have been a good song if the instrumentation was better.

'Heer' was also an average song. So was 'Ishq Shava', but a bit  better of the lot. Maybe picturizations can save these songs, but its a Yash Chopra love story. Cant think anything innovative can come out of it, that we have not seen before.
The greatness of Rahman is his adaptability. When a Vijay movie, he gives what Vijay movies need. For Rajnikant same. So why not for Yash Chopra. What Yash ji could have attained with Jatin-Lalit, Anu Malik, or the popular Pritam, he asked Rahman to give the same.

By then i was so disappointed that i wanted to throw stones at something.

But then the saving grace comes up. This is what i call RAHMAN...'JIYA RE'. I could breathe air. The song is peppy and refreshing...and as the singer, Neeti Mohan goes Jiya re...you feel elated. There are songs of Rahman which are ok, but there will be 1 or 2 places that would just rock your mind. This one is that. I am so happy after listening to this song. I am sure i will be occupied for another month or two till rahman's Kadal or Kochadiyaan come out.

Then came the title track 'Jab tak hai jaan'. An ordinary song which sounds great because of Javed Ali's voice. Yeah..he is like Rahet Fateh Ali..makes any song beautiful with his voice. Rahman brings in a contrasty Shakthisree to up the song. It works. A slow feel good song, but nothing unheard of. maybe because it starts like 'Theandrale' in Kadhal desam. Just the first 30 secs.

Ishq dance has a lot of tribal beats..not for me

'Saans' reprise is a better song, as all the instruments go away and only dholak remains.

The title poem is good, and many might like it. The strings in between works for me

I would give the album 2.5/5...and out of my love for rahman i make it 3/5.


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