Flash Mob Mania or Status Statement???

Flash Mobs have suddenly become a rage out of nowhere in our cities. It was very recently that i had come to know about a flashmob, or what exactly it was.Maybe i must have heard about it before, but i really didn't care much to know about it. I thought some hooligans might have raided and robbed some place out of no where, and people named it a 'Flash'mob.

But recently, i was watching the television and saw a girl dancing madly on a public platform, and the footer on the screen flashed "HOT NEWS : FlashMob in Mumbai", and that left me totally confused. So i go to the one place that rescues me in such situations and saw this.

Quoting from the Wikipedia :

"A flash mob (or flashmob) is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and sometimes seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and/or artistic expression."

Okay. So that is a Flash mob, and it sounded interesting.  A group of people just out there to spring a surprise and entertain you with a beautiful dance, huh! That is something i would like to do someday. Dance in the middle of the street.

Then i realised i recently watched a song in a tamil film called "7 am arivu", where the hero and friends just come out from different places and start dancing in the middle of crowded markets, parks and roads. So this should be a quite popular affair. Watch the song here.

From there on i have been watching a series of Flash mobs in and around the world. Every other city started having their own flash mobs in some of the most important commercial places. There was one in Mumbai Railway station, in Infosys Campus in Pune, and even in a mall(Oberon Mall) in my city of Kochi.

Now even smaller institutions have started having their own small flash mobs. Any event in even places like colleges and schools will be incomplete without a Flashmob, it seems. It is everywhere.

I was thinking what the advantages of the Flash mobs could be. Ofcourse entertains the audience, except for a few who might be in a rush or is totally disinterested in the world. some people could find this a nonsensical behaviour. Also maybe this could be a promotion of the groups or the managements, who are ready to spend and organise such an event. It could also be a promotion of the place where it is being held. So people do gain something out of it other than just entertainment.

But somehow, it is still a rage among people. I have missed these live flash mobs in my city and i was cursing myself for not being present there to be a part of the "mega-event". It is fun, and will remain to be fun for some more time. Lets enjoy till it lasts.

Watch other flash mobs here:




Joel said…
Few Days back i was watching the movie 'Friends with Benefits' and in a scene suddenly a bunch of people starts dancing in public and the hero is proposing to the awestruck heroine infront of them.Though interesting,I thought this is another cliched unrealistic or movie style way of proposing.But,happy to know this is something in real. Thanks for sharing this cool info. Also, good choice of topic and real cool way of blogging. You are gonna make it real big. All the best :)

ramesh said…
Thanks da. Actually even i knew less about flash mob. But now its everywhere. So had to write about it :)

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