The Dark Knight Rises

The final chapter in the dark batman series by Christopher Nolan is all set to release by July 2012. The fans all across the world are eagerly waiting the release of this movie. The previous two movies in this trilogy have become big hits making this one of the most profitable franchise for the warner Bros, after the Harry Potter series.

Fans all over the world are alert to any news about their favourite movie. Recently they release the Bane prologue. Bane is the main villain in this Batman movie. He is supposed to be the most dangerous of all Batman's enemies.

After the movie prologue, they also released the much awaited trailer of the movie too. It blew the minds off. It was received so well by the fans that the trailer is making good rounds in all networking sites and on youtube.

So now here it is for you to enjoy!


ramesh said…
Notice the new batmobile in this trailer!

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