The rise of Baahubali.

Like every normal morning, I receive a bunch of stories to read on my Google now based on my current searches. Box office results are often among them. In today's news, I found a surprise newcomer.

This Friday, releasing all over the world is the Magnum opus from India, 'Baahubali: The Conclusion'. The prequel was a big hit and redefined the box office for Indian films and as far as I can see the latest entry will do even better. Originally in Telugu, this film will be dubbed into more Indian languages to cater to the several tongues in India.

Now the news that startled me.

Box office mojo predicts that the movie might make almost 10m$ from just 452 theatres in the USA. That's much more than the initial weekend collections of many Hollywood movies and also more than the lifetime collection of some. Last week we know newcomers like'Unforgettable' and 'Phoenix' barely touched 5m$, and they had far more theatre counts.

It would be no surprise that 'Baahubali' will be a blockbuster in India, but the astounding reception world over is a great recognition for a movie which is trying to push boundaries with what an Indian budget will allow any director to do.

The review for the movie is not out yet. Not that it matters. I was one of the few who wasn't wowed by the first movie, except for the VFX. I am prepared for a similar fare. But the question in question is, 'Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali'?

The release of the movie is termed a 'Special Event' in many major theatres in US, and the prices are sky rocket high. But don't expect this to hold back any fans, as it has been already established by the Box Office Mojo predictions. It is also being released in the IMAX format along with normal 2D. Initial reactions from the Indian mainland has been quite positive and have a lot of people thrilled.

On the Indian side of things, the movie is releasing in an astounding 6500 screens in India alone. The original made over 600crs at the box office and reigns as one of the highest grossing Indian movies ever. Last year, Aamir Khan's sports movie, "Dangal" almost reached similar numbers. But, all eyes are on The Conclusion now, as it is expected to break all records. The pre-booking have already smashed some of those. It already has made 500crs in pre-release sales through distribution, satellite and audio and video rights, and it has sold 1m tickets in 24 hours during pre-booking. So, no doubts about the huge success it is going to become. Some trade pundits have predicted a 1000cr box office for this movie. That would be a phenomenon.


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