Searching through the space.....

Searching within me has been the hardest of task i have ever done. For we know that the heart and head are two completely different things in all the ways. Strangely, they never find one same direction to move. They travel far away from each other as if always in some terrible conflict with each other. And we like the dad of same children stand bewildered along whom to go with.

The heart is a care free child. It listens to no one. It is a master of its wishes, and the frank one who throws out every emotion it feels. It lives in the moment as never ever it could live more. Every moment is special for it, every incident a memory. It celebrates anything tat makes it happy, and cries for those that hurt....In front of anybody.

The head is a responsible kid. Responsible for everything happening to us. It doesnt make immediate decisions based on the emotion of the moment. It calculates the total risk and after effects and then decides to its convenience as what could be the best action so as that "me" would be looking good! For others, for yourselves, or even for nothing!!

The heart has been the adorable one always for many. Everyone says listen to the heart. But more practically people listen to the head. He is more reliable. Well, maybe it depends on situations whom to hear, and whom to avoid. Hopefully we are good enough to make the right decision about this....hehhehehe!

Actually i was about to write something else, but finally this the be continued!!


coolestdude said… are obviously confused..!!!..the point is does confuse us..!!!!correct decisions are always a perfect balance between the two..!!!!!...keep posting dude...
ramesh said…
yeah saraa.......

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