To sit jobless!

The biggest problem the youth facing in our country has always been declared as Unemployment. Of course its the biggest problem for not only the nation but for the individual too. And why am i saying this? I am placed into one of the biggest MNCs of India, and would join them anytime when they give me my joining dates. But the question for me is when???

The days until then are as similar to someone who completed his education and sitting at home eating out of his parents wallets. So do i feel at times. Though each time i spend from dad's pocket, and he asks why i confidently look at him as if "I ll pay all this back soon." And thats what confidence??hahhaa..........Well if lifes that predictable maybe i could back up myself. The final results havent come yet. It could decide whether i would really have the last laugh. I dont care about laughing. Just hoping it would bring only smiles. I wouldnt claim to be the brightest of the lot anyway, and so would have to bear in my mind a share of those fears that students all around me keep.

Now, that wasnt what i was wanting to tell. The moment you know that now you are expected to make a life on your own you want to make your stand, come out and show them all that you can do it. Minimum before your parents remind you that you cannot keep surviving on their support. The restless days that follow until you could make some bucks on your own would be kind of most frustrating and at the same time the most eventful days of your life. Now since i have a job in hand[ as i am promised for the moment] its only irritating, not eventful..heheh!!!!


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