somewhere after all these years....

This evening i was coming out of the cinema after watching the funny Jaane tu Ya jaane na......and was discussing about the movie and what all we liked in it, when i saw from far a familiar figure. Even before i could realise who it was, she raised her hand and started waving at me. My damn slow processor in ma head got working and after a quick short break produced the result. It was my old schools Science Teacher. I couldnt believe it that she recognised me even before i could recognise her.

Forgetting the moment fo embarassment, i ran to her and greeted her. She addressed me as shes been with me forever, asked about my well being, about my parents and brother. She addresed my brother as the tiny one..heehh......tats how he used to be when she had left school. I was neither a grown up. But now after about 10 years or so, she just identified me as she just saw me yesterday. She said i havent changed a bit. Ooh..people who see me regularly say i look different everyday..hahaha.

Its was a very emotional moment for me.We just talked a few more minutes and had to part. But the joy she gave me, and the care and love she and all my other teachers had bestowed on me over all those years had been overwhelming. Even at this day when i see those same eyes that have so much affection for you, i just retreat silently to a lonely place to just be nostalgic!!!!!

All those years of fun and fullfillment of our basic basemnet learning and all those who helped us in that are always so special.I do realise that at such moments!


coolestdude said…
hey...nice one da....but...plz do consider on error word or so....there are few typo errors...give stress on punctuating..!!!!!...(though its a casual post)

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